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Attitude of Gratitude Wednesday

Today I am expressing huge GRATITUDE to my fabulous Ophthalmologist, Dr. Mosaed, and all of the staff at Herbert Gavin Eye Institute (UCIMC). This year marks 10 years since I first was referred there, (After I fired a prior medical facility). My intuition was right, and Dr. Mosaed saved my eyesight. I just had my semi-annual appointment, 1st visit since COVID-19; today was testing day, (eyes still healthy!) so I was able to interact with several of the technicians, as well as my (fabulous!) doctor. They shared the "view from inside" a facility that never shut down through the whole pandemic.

I learned what it's like to wear a mask for 8 HPD (coming up soon for us mediators as our doors are starting to open next week as well); About the fears that medical providers had to go through in the early stages particularly, with so much unknown; the hard work they put in, and steady schedule. While many people were learning new cooking and baking recipes, gardening, massive jigsaw puzzles, new languages, and the like, these essential workers were busy caring for patients and alleviating everyone else's anxiety.

So... while we have all been virtually thanking and appreciating members of the medical and health care communities, first responders, other essential workers such as in grocery stores, etc., I will add this challenge for todays Attitude of Gratitude: Please think of a personal first-hand experience you had, and the person(s) who were working and helping you, during the last 3 months of "home lockdown"; express Gratitude to that person or persons - put a face or a name to someone who helped you out during that time, as we were dealing with our own anxieties (supplies, care, etc). You can say it out loud, write it in a journal, or if you get a chance, tell that person the next time you see them. With gratitude to all of my medical providers, all the people who put themselves at risk facing "US" as we entered your store or office, all the help I and others received. In Gratitude,



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