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Home Sheltering: feeling distracted?

Good morning! How is everyone doing, two to four weeks into "home sheltering?" Something that I have experienced, is feeling very distracted- There are "news-bombs" everywhere: TV, Radio, Social Media: Facebook; Twitter; Messenger; Print news and News-Feeds on our phones, etc. So many of my friends and colleagues are going through the same thing. Does this resonate with you? While it may be a shared experience that connects us to one another, at some point, we need to take a BREAK from too much news-i.e. create a healthy distance from the negative COVID19 news, and instead, focus on positive ways we can keep ourselves HEALTHY.

Why? For one, we cannot control this epic event that is "happening to" us. But we CAN control our RESPONSE TO it. What do I mean? We have existing tools and resources at our fingertips, that we can use - TODAY - to make us more healthy and happy. These include nutritionally boosting our immune system to ward OFF the virus if it tries to invade our bodies. They include getting back into our rituals like exercise, meditation, organizing....the long-procrastinated de-cluttering of our homes and minds (along with the car, purse or wallet, and paper)... In short, when we get our health, home and life in balance, we strengthen our ability to avoid getting sick, or at least, to heal quicker if we do become ill.

I am suggesting that we evaluate our precious resource of TIME. How much of your TIME are you using to fill your brains and minds with negative information that you can't do anything about? How would you feel if instead, you used that precious TIME to take care of yourself, fuel your body, mind and spirit nutritionally, and do things that will improve your wellness and well-being, your mental and physical fitness?

Over the coming days, I have decided to re-post some of my past articles on balance and wellness, that I think can help all of us with what is going on, today. Some are "time-topical", e.g. holiday time, or otherwise seasonal, but I believe the content is still relevant, if not more so, for today. I will also be providing new content, including Nutrients that you can easily access to protect against the contra virus, and other viruses. Stay tuned---Wishing everyone Good Health, Happiness, Community, and Peace.



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