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Wellness Tip: Don't colds suck?

Don't colds suck? Here are some Tips to stay healthy, plus what to do when you catch the "bug".

Just returned from a trip to Italy with the Italian Bar. Great trip, we stayed in Sorrento, saw Positano (and the great Ceramics Factory there), The Amalfi Coast and the town of Amalfi; Pompei with its amazing history and story; Isle of Capri, and rode the Lift up to the top of the hill for phenomenal views; and Salerno, where we got a private tour of the historic courthouse and met with some lawyers and Judges. And of course we had several great CLE sessions.

Then, the trip was over and we departed to the airport. We were about to board the plane (very large one with lots of people), then we all came to a stop. Some security issue that lasted 30 minutes. The man immediately behind me was nonstop sneezing and sniffling etc, never covering his mouth. I tried to pull out of the line but there was nowhere to go. Well, you guessed it, after arriving home, I came down with a nasty virus/cold. (no fever, so its not a flu thankfully). BTW at least one of the others in our group, who was only a few feet ahead of me and Mr. Sneezer, also got sick.

This all provided a great reminder to have more empathy for those having the "common cold" because it doesn't feel anything like "common" when you have it. are some tips when you are at risk, or feel a cold coming on, to improve your chances of staying well, or at least to minimize the duration and severity of the cold.

First, I carry Zicam, Coldeze and Airborne with me everywhere. I took them as soon as we boarded the plane.

Second is Wellness Formula- this is a wonderful natural herb-filled supplement that is effective. You can take it daily for maintenance, and it is great for taking immediately at the first sign of a cold or other bug coming on. You can order them on and they are priced reasonably, they are also sold at Sprouts, Whole Foods and other health stores.

Third, If you do sinus rinses, those are great for clearing the passageways. My doctor recommends during a cold, doubling the saline packages, and doing the rinse at least 2-3 times each day.

Fourth, Elderberry- I keep on hand Elderberry products such as Sambuco- I keep a small bottle of elderberry syrup (a good one is Quantum because it has less of the "sugary" stuff in it, but any elderberry syrup should help; Elderberry zinc lozenges; etc. Take those throughout the day when sick. There are other products depending on your symptoms, including for throat pain, bronchial congestion, etc. You can find those at your local drug/convenience store like CVS, as well as health food stores.

Fifth, natural wonder drugs like Turmeric and Ginger- (If you can, get organic). Keep these on hand, there are many good quality powdered turmeric products, you can order on Amazon or buy at a grocery or health food store. Ginger just get at your market.

I subscribe to fitness guru Danette May's program, and one of her public videos includes a Healing Tea Tonic:

  • Water

  • fresh lemons

  • Mint leaves (I bought a little mint plant at our local supermarket (Gelson's) a few months ago, and all it requires is to keep a base of water in a dish, and it has flourished; I get tons of mint leaves that I also put in my smoothies).

  • Turmeric root

  • Ginger root

Add all to water, and boil for 20 minutes.

Optional- you can add honey or almond milk.

Drink lots of liquids. It is critical to stay REALLY hydrated when sick- your body which is made up mostly of water, craves and needs this to fight off the "invaders" from your body. So help it along, and NO- sodas and coffee don't count- I'm talking water, or lemon infused water, or the tea tonic, natural teas should be ok for part of your liquids, but good old fashioned water is important too.

Sleep: Critical- if your schedule permits, or if not, can you work it so it does?, My doc recommends go to bed, get as much sleep as possible. This is very restorative and healing for your body. I am following doctor's orders and not working out (yikes! it's really making me nuts)'s temporary and serves the higher good of letting the body heal. That is first and foremost.

Finally, for normal daily living, I highly recommend that you drink a glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon in it, first thing each morning. This really helps to ward off inflammation, strengthen the immune system, and help to improve your recovery when you do get sick.

One more thought: If YOU are about to board a plane and you are sick, assuming it is necessary to get home or to your destination, as it likely is, please consider wearing a mask.

Remember, too, ALWAYS wash your hands- be obsessive about it. It is too easy to mindlessly scratch your forehead, rub your eye, touch your mouth, etc. and then the person whose hand you shook a couple hours ago, or the doorknob you turned to open a door, may transmit a bug to you. Wash always...Purell when you can't. (I know hand sanitizers are controversial, and I support those people who believe in naturally strengthening our immune systems- especially since as kids we certainly did not wash/purell-- but ordinary soap and water is still a great wellness protector.

Best wishes, to your health!

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