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Mediation Tip: A common omission in negotiations ...

I read an article, (link below), which speaks to a common omission in negotiations--thinking about the "other" party's interests, needs and concerns. This article provides good advice that can be applied to any negotiation, mediation, or settlement discussion. In your next negotiation, try to focus on what interests, needs or concerns exist for the other parties; for example, propose a solution to a company's concern that others may jump on the litigation bandwagon if news of this settlement gets out; or offer help to an unemployed plaintiff to find a job, (job reference, giving referrals, etc); or recognize what the other person/side will lose by giving you what you want, and how can that be offset, or turned into a "winning" situation for them. In other words, find solutions that span beyond your own needs and you well may receive a more positive reaction to your requests, and achieve your goals.

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