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Mediation Tip: Healing emotions at mediation

Many of my mediations involve high emotions. The past couple weeks included several sexual harassment cases, & all were contentious because of the very personal issues. Several involved people who were injured, sick or pregnant, then terminated during or after a leave of absence. Many "accused" parties feel angry and indignant. Part of the mediation process necessarily entails allowing people to express (aka "vent") out their long or deeply held emotions, including anger, and to be listened to. People can feel hurt, annoyed or offended when others express their emotions, but it is a natural and necessary part of communication, as well as healing, and plays an important role in mediations. Some have told me later that afterward, they had the "best sleep" they have had in a long while. For anyone fearful about their emotions "showing", it can be just what is needed at mediation.

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