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Mediation Tip: “Impasse” is really just a temporary “resistance to progress”...

... according to Lee Jay Berman, founder of AIM faculty & a terrific mediator. He was recently interviewed by Aled Davies on the topic of overcoming impasse in mediation. He describes that phase of mediation as essentially hitting a "pause", at the point where the parties are faced with having to cross over the line of their expectations, have become frustrated, and dig in their heels. I share Lee Jay's belief that what can seem an "impasse" is really a "pause" in the process. There are many ways to get past that point, sometimes requiring a "rest period" or break in the process. The key is to not give up hope that a resolution can be achieved, but instead, remain open-minded to viewing the situation differently, try to understand what caused the "pause" button to be hit, and be willing to hear what might get the proceedings back into "play".

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